#TBT – Choosing Healthy Food

This rounds out the last of our three Throwback Thursdays to the series “Making Changes” that we posted during the last New Year season.  The three of us have made real progress on our own journeys and hope you have, too. It is never too late to start!  The information is still very relevant and we have shared a lot more recipes during this last year, so be sure and check out our archives. 

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#TBT – Cooking at Home

Well, there have certainly been lots of changes in Kayte’s life since she originally wrote this a year ago.  The toddler she mentioned is almost 3 years old now, and he has a little sister who is 6 months old (meet Iris).  However, the basic information is still as relevant today as it was then (and adding an infant to the mix just makes it even harder to enjoy dining out).  

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#TBT – Budgeting Can Relieve Stress

For these next three Thursdays, I am going to revisit the series of posts that we ran going into the New Year last year.  
I don’t know if you make New Year’s resolutions, but it is always a good time to step back, evaluate where you are, and decide if you want to make changes going forward.  If you do want to make changes, it is very important to be specific – not “I want to start saving”, but instead “I will put $20 in my savings account every payday”. A good change to make would be to take control of your money, and maybe this post can help you figure out where to start.  Click here for post.

#TBT Cauliflower Mac & Cheese

Earlier this week we published a post on Sweet Spicy Stick Drumsticks. In this post I paired delicious crockpot drumsticks with gooey cauliflower mac and cheese.

Look at that creamy gooey cheesy goodness… This was such a big hit with everyone. The cauliflower substitute probably only makes its mildly healthier, but it does give you a small serving of veggies. This is really great if you have a picky toddler. It’s just so good. I just wanted to remind everyone it existed! So follow the link, and try it for yourself.

#TBT – Homemade Goldfish Crackers

If one of your go-to snacks for your toddler (especially when you need something portable) is goldfish crackers, here is an easy recipe to make your own so you can control exactly what goes into them (and it isn’t much).  
I will warn you, though, that you just about have to use a food processor. They are really good.  For the original post, click here.

#TBT – Choosing Healthy Foods

Our Throwback Thursday post today goes back to one that we wrote right after New Year’s Day as a part of the series about making changes.  It is just as applicable now because it is always a good time to think about what you can do right now.  The emphasis is on taking small steps so that you don’t burn out or totally overwhelm your family.  For the original post, click here.

#TBT – Chicken Florentine

I am going to be cooking this today for the residents, staff and volunteers at Maia Moms Dream House.  The Dream House is a home for single moms and their kids who are in crisis, usually homeless or on the brink of being homeless.  Maia Moms is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping single mothers and their children become stable and on a path to success.  To learn more about the organization, go to their website
This is a great versatile casserole that can feed a crowd (expecting about 15 people today).  My other challenge is to use the food that they have on hand (frozen chicken, frozen broccoli, dry egg noodles, and various spices) so I will be substituting broccoli for the spinach, and egg noodles for the penne pasta.  I am taking cottage cheese since it is vital to the recipe, and am taking the proper seasonings since I am not sure they will be available.  Obviously I will be at least doubling the recipe to feed this many people.  
One of the goals for cooking the meal is to demonstrate how to work with what you have on hand instead of making a special grocery store run for all the ingredients. The moms have access to a weekly food pantry so it can be a challenge using what is available that particular week.  The food pantry is run by the neighboring Dream Center, who is also a partner with us on the Dream House. 
I will let you know how it turns out!
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