Mother’s Monday: The Instant Pot

As part of our new year, new blog theme we’ve got going on here at MMC, we’ve decided to introduce Mother’s Monday, a post to feature our favorite items & products: those things that don’t really fit anywhere else. While this should be a semi-regular occurrence, it will not be a weekly post.
What better way to start this series then for a favorite among all of us: The Instant Pot. This beauty has earned Amazon’s coveted orange “#1 Best Seller” tag, and is an item we can’t live without. While the list price can range well above $200, you can usually find it on Amazon for less than $150. Currently it’s listed for $118 (see here); and available for less than $100 through Amazon’s open box warehouse (see here). I promise I am not an Instant Pot salesman – I am just in love with this product!
We’ve featured a number of recipes that use a pressure cooker on the MMC blog. Many recipes can be converted to pressure cooker recipes to save time. We make soup, broth, roast, chicken, pork – you name it, we do it! Towards the start of this blog, Kayte wrote a piece on why everyone should own a pressure cooker. You can read the full article here, but in short, Kayte explained how she was able to take frozen meat and turn it into a delicious (and edible) pot-roast in under an hour. That’s the same line Kayte used to sell me on buying one too! And it’s completely true. She then went on to talk about all the things you can do with your pressure cooker.
But what’s more, is how many different things this bad boy can do. Space is always limited in the kitchen, so a multi-use gadget is a much better investment in my mind. This is way more than a pressure cooker. The newest (basic) Instant Pot offers 7 features: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute/browning pot, yogurt maker, steamer and warmer. It has 14 built in programs, but is easily manually programmable. It holds a massive amount of food (6 whole quarts!). However, it has now come to my attention that there is now a bluetooth enabled pot.
I’m one of those people that either burns the rice, or cooks it to mush. My Instant Pot gives me perfect rice EVERY time. Of course, a rice cooker can do the same thing, but then I’d have to own both devices. It can be an electric skillet, allowing you to saute or brown food. I’ll be the first to admit, that while this feature is intended for use prior to slow-cooking or pressure cooking (subtext: you don’t have to do as many dishes), it was excellent when we moved and I couldn’t locate my pans!

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