#TBT Chicken Bouillon

This blog post is a Throwback Thursday on Chicken Bouillon. I gave it that title too, but I’m temped to change it to reason #546 Kayte has completely changed my life. Ok – If we are being honest, its really how Mary has changed my life, but Kayte is the one who insisted I try it. If you saw the post on Chicken Bouillon, and thought “Hey, that’s neat, I’d like to give it a try” and you still haven’t – you need to. Like today. Like now. If you missed that gem, click on the link at bottom of this post.
Photo from when I made Chicken Broth

I tried it for the first time this week. I’m not really sure why I waited so long. I had tried years ago to make my own chicken broth, but found it lacking. I tried again a few months ago, at Kayte’s insistence and it was gold. We buy a lot of Costco rotisserie chickens, and it’s a great way to use up what would otherwise be garbage. Definitely more bang for your buck.  As an avid soup lover, and a orzo addict, it’s really helped my grocery bill. Chicken broth may be cheap, but it adds up. Frozen Chicken broth also takes up way too much room in my freezer. That’s where the boullion comes in handy. It is a reduced version of the delicious chicken broth! It takes up only 1/4 of the space!

My poor pot was filled to the brim!

I’ll be honest, I was purely motivated by necessity – I was in desperate need of freezer space, and I had FOUR chicken carcasses and a sandwich bag of veggies for just this purpose. I made two batches of broth, slow cooking for nearly 24 hours. Then cooled, skimmed fat/grease, and then heated and reduced. I poured mine into an 8×8 dish and cooled in fridge overnight, then cut into squares. Look at these beauties.

It’s like chicken broth jello!

One thought on “#TBT Chicken Bouillon

  1. One other big advantage is that you don't have to wait for it to thaw. Just add to hot water to reconstitute. If you want a stronger flavor, just add more bouillon cubes.


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