Salads to go

With the dawning of a new year, come resolutions. While people’s new years resolutions do vary, most people I know have some version of eat healthy and get fit. We even published a short series on making changes in the new year: resolutions, budgeting, choosing healthy foods and cooking at home
Chopped Southern Salad w. Pulled Pork
When I think of eating healthy, I think salads. I like mine loaded with a good dressing. You can make an unhealthy salad, but for the most part, a salad is a healthier choice than whatever else I was planning on eating. The biggest problem I have with salads, though, is keeping them fresh. Costco has some excellent deals on salads, but I often find myself throwing quite a bit away. Even the bag salads usually are eaten in more than one sitting, and aren’t as fresh the second time around. 
Don’t worry, Pinterest changed all that for me! Lettuce keeps longer in glass jar – period. I have pulled shredded lettuce out almost a week later and its STILL fresh and crunchy. Not only can you throw out less lettuce, you can make salads for the whole week at one time. 
Jars are easy to grab and go, when you’re rushing to get out the door for work. The jarred salad has become a bit of a blog trend. If layered right, you can put a whole salad in there (meat & dressing included!). When you dump it onto a plate, your salad will be properly layered and a dressed. YUM. 
Salad Layer Technique
1. 2-4 Tbsp. dressing
2. Meat/egg/protein 
3. Toppings (nuts, cheese, ect)
4. Crunchy toppings (croutons)
5. Greens

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