Chicken Enchilada Pasta

This is a family favorite and a good freezer meal. I ran across a great chicken sale, and stocked up. This was one of the recipes that I chose to make with all that chicken. It makes a lot, but I doubled it anyway. One serving makes enough for us to all eat at one meal, and then have left overs the next day. I split the other half between two pans to freezer for later use. I’ll just be able to pop the frozen pans (or defrosted pans) or pasta into the oven for dinner.
This recipe comes from Pearls, Handcuffs & Happy Hour. I used rotini and penne pasta because it is what I had on hand. Both were “veggie” pastas – in case you were wondering about the funky colors. You’ll have to click the link for the full recipe, but here are some pictures of the steps.

First you saute onions, then add peppers and garlic. Add chicken, green enchilada sauce, regular (red) enchilada sauce, salt and some spices. Let that simmer. Add cheese, then sour cream, and then add the pasta in. Be prepared to be amazed. Once done, I used half for our dinner and dumped the remainder into two small square pans lined with foil. I’ll let these “flash freeze” over night, and then pop out of the pans, then into a ziploc bag and into the freezer. (This means my pans are always free). 
Stay tuned for more posts on freezer friendly meals, and how to stock your freezer. 


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